ITT Cannon Firewall Connectors

Firewall connectors, used mostly around aircraft engines, are designed to withstand extreme high-temperature conditions. ITT Cannon's FRF series firewall connectors were designed for that purpose, using temperature-resistant grommets and interfacial seals, and sturdy steel or aluminum shells.

This connector series is qualified to the Boeing specification BACC63CD and BACC63CE. Contacts are crimp, with several arrangements available with sizes ranging from size 16 all the way up to size 0.

For over 10 years, Pan Pacific Electronics has been one of the largest value-added assemblers for ITT Cannon's Firewall connector series. In most cases, we can assemble and ship your parts in 24 hours. For your A.O.G. Firewall connector requirements, choose Pan Pacific Electronics.


Part Prefixes

  • FRF
  • FRA
  • FVF
  • FVA
  • BACC63CD
  • BACC63CE