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Glenair Connectors and Accessories

Established 54 years ago, Glenair was specifically founded to produce electrical connector accessories, but has since grown into a full-spectrum manufacturer, offering product lines designed to meet every interconnect requirement, including a broad range of military qualified and commercial connectors. Glenair features the industry's largest standing inventory of commercial and Mil-Spec electrical connector accessories.

Not only does Glenair offer the largest and most diverse selection of cylindrical and rectangular accessories in the world, but they also manufacture: Micro-D and Nano Connectors and Cables, Mighty Mouse Connectors, Series 77 'Full Nelson' Heat Shrink Boots, Series 79 Micro-Crimp Connectors and Cables, and Mil-QPL and Commercial Environmental Connectors. Glenair also produces lightweight, corrosion-free composites, and flexible metal-core and plastic conduit.

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The World's Largest Selection of Backshells

No where in the world, under one roof, does anyone manufacture and supply such a complete selection of commercial and military backshell connector accessories: from simple wire bundle strain reliefs, backshells, dummy stowage receptacles and protective covers, to advanced electromagnetic shielding and termination systems, extender backshells, pipe thread adapters, shorting caps, and cable sealing backshells; Glenair produces literally hundreds of thousands of different designs to meet every application need including virtually every AS85049 Mil-Spec accessory ever documented. Glenair makes backshells for every connector manufacturer's product, including Amphenol, Deutsch, Cannon, and others.

High-Performance Micro-D Connectors and Cables

For applications where interconnect failure is simply not an option, the Glenair high-reliability Micro-D offers a wealth of performance benefits which far outweigh any potential cost savings realized by specifying a lesser caliber connector. Standardized measurement and test methodologies ensure consistent, predictable performance throughout this broad family of ruggedized, miniature connectors. Glenair maintains the world's largest inventory of Micro-D connectors and accessories.

Series 80 'Mighty Mouse' Connectors and Cables

The Series 80 Mighty Mouse Connector is designed for high-reliability aerospace/defense interconnect applications requiring robust environmental performance and reduced size and weight. The Series 80 Mighty Mouse Connector offers virtually equal performance to MIL-DTL-38999 interconnects with up to 71% weight and 52% size savings for similar contact layouts. All the connectors in the Series 80 family are available with rear-release crimp contacts or with PC tail or solder cup terminations. Shell styles, including in-line plugs, square-flange and jam-nut receptacles are available for all types. Integrated banding platforms for EMI shield termination or rear-end threads for backshell accessories are also standard throughout the line.

Series 77 'Full Nelson' Environmental Shrink Boots

Shrink boots provide mechanical and environmental protection to connector-to-cable transitions. Specially formulated polymers are injection-molded, then heated and expanded. The shape-memory property of the material allows it to return to its original shape when heated with a hot air gun. Optional adhesive coatings on the inside of the boot provide a watertight, high-strength bond to the cable jacket and the connector or adapter.

Tactical Fiber Optic Solutions

Glenair is the recognized leader in the manufacture of fiber optic connection systems for every branch of the military and every configuration requirement. Glenair is unique in the industry for their ability to not only supply all of the discrete components but to produce and deliver turn-key I/O interconnect cables and harnesses--including fiber optic cabling for high-dose-rate space radiation, extreme environmental exposure and corrosion resistance, improved fiber tensile strength and resistance to micro-bending.

EMI/EMP Filter Connectors

Glenair is perhaps the best equipped and staffed filter connector manufacturer in the industry. The depth of experience in Glenairís technical staff, combined with their complete in-house filter planar array manufacturing capability, allows them to offer the fastest lead-times available.

Lightweight, Corrosion-Free Composites

Glenair's composite interconnect components are manufactured from high-grade engineering thermoplastics for the toughest application environments. Specifically geared for high-performance air, sea and space applications, Glenair's line of composite interconnect components are ideally suited for systems which require electromagnetic compatibility, reliable environmental protection and long-term durability.

High Performance EMI/RFI Braided Shielding for Cable Applications / Flexible Metal-Core and Plastic Conduit

Because the range of performance requirements is so broad, Glenair manufactures and stocks an equally broad range of conduit products: from plastic convoluted tubing to various forms of metal-core conduit. Understanding the performance properties of these products is the key to the initial selection of material.

High-Reliability Cable Assemblies

Glenair is the only major connector accessory company to also offer complete Custom Assembly and Braiding Services for both molded and repairable cable harnesses. Our Custom Assembly expertise extends from one-of-a-kind to mass-produced; from simple, point-to-point, to complex multiple-branch and fiber optic assemblies. From molded, fiber optic and electrical fuel-cell cables for the F-18 fighter to Micro-D subminiature harnesses for the telecommunications industry, Glenair's complete capability assembly facilities have the engineering expertise and manufacturing know-how to address any cable assembly challenge.