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ITT Cannon D-Subminiature and MIL-DTL-24308 Connectors

The D-Subminiature (D-Sub) connector has been a popular choice for computer hardware and circuit board manufacturers for years. In fact, you'll probably find at least one type of D-Sub connector located on the back panel of most computers. The D-Sub connector was originally designed by ITT Cannon over 70 years ago, and is still in use today.

D-Sub connectors are available in different sizes and configurations ranging from the smaller size (E) up to the larger size (D). A standard size D connector can hold up to fifty size 22 contacts, while high density versions are also available which can hold twice as many contacts. Contacts are available in solder, crimp, printed circuit tail, and wire wrap styles. There are also D-Sub micro-miniature connectors (Micro-D) which come with contacts and wires pre-installed.

Pan Pacific Electronics has been a franchised value-added assembler of D-Sub connectors since 1989, and we have a large inventory available for immediate assembly and delivery.