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ITT Cannon DL Zero Insertion Force Connectors

The ITT Cannon Zero Insertion Force (ZIF) series of connectors, including the DL, DLM, and DLD connectors, is a versatile low cost, high performance, multiple-wire power and signal connector. The connectors can be mated/unmated and engaged in less than a few seconds, even with as many as 2,496 contacts.

Another unique feature of ZIF connectors is that both the plug and receptacle use the same contacts. No more worrying about whether you need 'pin' or 'socket' contacts! ZIF connectors are available in plastic or metal shell varieties and can feature anywhere from 60 up to 2,496 contacts in a single connector.

Pan Pacific Electronics has been a franchised distributor of ITT Cannon's ZIF connectors for over 15 years. We have a large variety of ZIF connectors, contacts, accessories, and tools in stock ready to ship within 24 hours or less.

Zero Insertion Force DL

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