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DMC Tools

Daniels Manufacturing Corporation (DMC) is the recognized leader in the aircraft and aerospace tool industry, with over 50 years of experience. DMC products have been used on virtually every defense system, aircraft program, land or sea transport system, space exploration program, and in many other types of manufacturing and support activities.

DMC offers a wide range of tools, including crimp tools (including pneumatic and battery-powered), installing and removal tools, wire crimp pull testers, beta backshell tools, and wire strippers. DMC also offers the Safe-T-Cable line, as well as many customizable aircraft tool kits for maintenance and production applications.

Pan Pacific has been a franchised distributor for DMC tools for over 25 years, and is DMC's largest distributor in North America today. We have a large DMC tool inventory in stock for immediate delivery, and our friendly sales team has over 40 years of combined experience and technical knowledge with DMC tools. For your connector tooling requirements, choose Pan Pacific Electronics.

For more information, you can select your tool from the categories below or contact our sales staff.

Crimp Tools An extensive line of manual, pneumatic, hydraulic, and battery tools and accessories used to crimp contacts, terminals, and other wiring system components onto power and coaxial conductors.

Insertion/Removal Tools Metal and plastic tools specifically designed to insert and remove contacts from electrical connectors.

Backshell Tools A complete line of Adapter Tools and Torque Tools for holding and torquing circular connectors during the installation and removal of accessories (backshell, strain relief, or EMI/RFI shielding hardware).

Safe-T-Cable The Complete Fastener Retention System. Safe-T-Cable® will improve the efficiency and quality of your assembly operations. Safe-T-Cable® may be substituted, in most applications for hand twisted lockwire.

Tensile Test Systems Tensile Test Systems for Wire Termination and Similar Applications, featuring Alphatron®.

DMC Tool Kits Complete capability for maintenance and production applications. These kits have all the tools and information required to support General Aviation, Military Standard or an entire Aircraft Wiring System (or sub-system).